"What if my student needs lessons first ?"

We offer private lessons for guitar, bass, drums, voice, ukulele and mandolin. For more info â€‹Click Here

"When are the rehearsals ?"

In the winter months, they are in the evenings and in the summer, they run throughout the day. The registration form has a place to enter your preferred time and day. We can't always get you exactly what you want but will give you a range of options.

"How do I sign up ?"

Simply Click Here

"If I sign up with my friends, can we be in a band together ?"

Yes. On the registration form you can request to be placed with others who are also signing up. We encourage bands (and friends) to stay together.

"Do I need my own instrument ?"

Yes. We provide drums, amps and keyboards for the practices here but you will need your own instrument to play at home. If you forget your instrument we can let you play one of ours here for practice.

Frequently     Asked      Questions

"Do I need to be really good to join ?"

No. Most of our kids are beginner or intermediate level players. We arrange songs to fit the level of the players involved. You will need to practice the songs at home but we try to choose songs that make the parts playable for your level. If you desire private lessons Click Here

"Do I have to be at every practice ?"

No. We encourage parents to try to get the kids to most practices but expect conflicts from time to time. 


      Monthly Tuition ...............$120.00

Summer Session June-July-Aug (3 months)

Fall Session Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec. (4 months)

Spring Session Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr (4 months)

       Monthly payments are due by the first scheduled rehearsal of each month

Tuition is non-refundable and once a student is enrolled, the parent will be

responsible for the monthly payments of that semester regardless of attendance.

"Do the bands only play Rock ?"

No. Over the years we have played rock, country, jazz, folk, to name a few. We are open to any style that includes live musicians. Some styles (Rap) mostly use programmed rhythms and loops and are not good for live bands. We don't allow vulgar lyrics or profanity.

Rock School